Quick Look

Blu-Disc Studio is developed for an easy and quick authoring of Blu-ray discs with BD-J interactive menu. Using Blu-Disc Studio you can create complete Blu-ray discs for personal use or export data to Rovi (Sonic Solutions) Scenarist® BD.

Based on original technology, Blu-Disc Studio allows create full valuable BD with Java based menu very transparently for user. Enhanced but powerfull user interface, that does not requires any special knowledge of BD specification, and built-in DVDLogic BD Muxer makes Blu-Disc Studio affordable for home and amateur users. Professionals users and studios will be pleasantly surprised with Rovi (Sonic Solutions) Scenarist® BD project files created by the program.

To create a Blu-ray disc in Blu-Disc Studio, you need:

  • Prepare video and sound streams
  • Prepare graphical assets
  • Design Main Menus, Popup Menus with graphical assets
  • Create transitions from one Menu to another
  • Put video, audio streams and Menus together
  • Compile project with built-in muxer or export to Scenarist® BD

How to start with Blu-Disc Studio:

  • Download Blu-Disc Studio or Blu-Disc Studio MX (includes BD Muxer by DVDLogic)
  • Run Blu-Disc Studio - it shows you Hardware ID
  • Send the Hardware ID to the bludiscstudio@dvd-logic.com
  • We'll send you a trial key
  • Copy the key-file to the Blu-Disc Studio installation folder

Latest news

August 20, 2014 - a free version of the Blu-Disc Studio - Blu-Disc Studio Lite 1.0 build 2 released!

  This version contains some restrictions regarding the original Blu-Disc Studio - read more in versions comparison.
  You can download Blu-Disc Studio Lite in download section.

July 15, 2014 version 2.0 build 104 released:

* Hotfix: sounds specified on buttons does not work.

July 9, 2014 version 2.0 build 103 released:

* Built-in Muxer now supports compilation of 3D Blu-ray.
* Added support for the Top Menu button.
* Resume added.
* Now you can specify the animation in Scenes creation window.
* Added list of recent projects.
* Added possibility to use tsMuxer with Blu-Disc Studio.
* Now you can switch on/off button sounds.
* Added the ability to use the images in Loading.
* The scale of the simulation window added.
* Now you can copy the Auto and End Actions, Enter and ClosePopup Animations in the Action Matrix.
* Added function Assign chapters (automatic assignment for Play MOVIE - Chapters).
* Now you can disable rewind and change the current track for the video.
* Added the ability to work with GPR-registers.
* Added the ability to save the project generated script for the purpose of understanding how the program works.
* Added the ability to write Java-based script on the actions and on achieve a specific scene (playmark).
* Added ability to specify Select and Action sound for each button.
* Added approximate calculation of the disk size.
* Global optimization, bugfixing and usability improve.