Blu-Dusc Studio

Download Blu-Disc Studio

Latest versions:

System requirments:

  • Modern PC, running Microsoft® Windows™ 7/8/10
  • .NET Framework 4.0 or higher

To request a free trial license do the following:

  • Download Blu-Disc Studio or Blu-Disc Studio MX/MX Pro (please note, that Hardware IDs are different).
  • Start Blu-Disc Studio (MX, MX Pro) - it shows you Hardware ID.
  • Send the Hardware ID to
  • Free 30-days trial key(s) will be sent back to you.
  • Place the key-file(s) into the Blu-Disc Studio (MX/MX Pro) installation folder.

The trial version cannot be run at virtual machine! The number of menus, popups and movies limited to 32 in the trial version.

Other downloads

Latest beta (may be unstable):

Previous versions:

Lite version (discontinued):

Help files:

  • English (1,63 Mb)
    (if you have trouble opening the file - right-click it in Windows Explorer, select Properties, and then Unblock at the bottom of the first tab)
  • Blu-Disc Studio guides by Theo de Klerk (5,1 Mb)