Professional Blu-Ray authoring software

Quick Look

Blu-Disc Studio is a professional Blu-Ray authoring software designed for easy and quick authoring of Blu-ray discs with BD-J interactive menu.

Using Blu-Disc Studio you can create complete Blu-ray discs for personal use, CMF output (mastering) or export data to Scenarist® BD.

Based on the original technology, Blu-Disc Studio allows you to create a full valuable BD with Java based menu, transparent to user.

Enhanced and powerful user interface that does not require special knowledge of the BD specification, and the built-in DVDLogic BD Muxer makes Blu-Disc Studio affordable for home and amateur users.

Professional users and studios will be pleasantly surprised by the support of exporting the project to Scenarist® BD and internal muxer with CMF output support.

UHD version of Blu-Disc Studio is a part of KITe UHD Authoring Suite.

To create a Blu-ray disc with Blu-Disc Studio:
  • Prepare video and audio streams in the appropriate format.
  • Prepare graphic assets (images for menus) in PSD or PNG formats.
  • Design main and popup menus using graphics assets.
  • Configure transitions between menus and movies.
  • Compile the project using the built-in muxer or export it to Scenarist® BD.
How to get started with Blu-Disc Studio:
  • Download Blu-Disc Studio (version comparison chart).
  • Install and run it - it will show you Hardware ID.
  • Send Hardware ID to
    Please do not use email services such as,,, - use Gmail instead.
  • Free 30-days trial license(s) will be sent back to you.
  • Place the license-file(s) into the Blu-Disc Studio installation folder.

Latest news

June 3, 2024 version 4.6.3 released:

  • Fixed highlighting of search value in "Project Properties".
  • If compilation failed, copy the file where the error occurred to the script folder.
  • Added an ability to loop auto-assignment of buttons for Directions mode.
  • Ability to export menus/popups to PSD (Adobe Photoshop should be installed, the process uses 2 steps - please wait till the second step finishes).
  • "Project properties" → "Output folder": you can now specify "Add project folder name", "Add project file name", "Add current date/time" and "Warn if output is not empty".
  • Added a check that output folder does not point to the project folder.
  • F3 shortcut added for the Script editor.
  • Ctrl+Shift+Mouse wheel scrolls viewport left/right, Alt+Shift+Mouse wheel scrolls viewport up/down.
  • Ctrl+Enter in SWITCH and Multi-Action windows closes the window.
  • Added "Global" flag for object state effects - the state will remain global despite the effects applied.
  • Added "Convert BDMD Project for HDR" to the "Save Complete As..." filter list - applies the "Convert for HDR" conversion and unchecks this property.
  • Fixed "Delete" key in the Properties window in text fields.
  • Autosize matrix bugfixes and "On every action vertical only" settings were added to the Options.
  • Select title fixed.
  • Show advanced animation type in the matrix.
  • Fixed conversion to script for "On JAR startup".
  • Adjusting FirstEventInTC, LastEventOutTC and NumberofEvents for subtitles imported from BDN.XML.
  • Added FrameRate validation for subtitles imported from BDN.XML.
  • Added Tools → Options → "Automatically add pair bracket in script editor" (for selected text works always, without this setting enabled).
  • Added Conversion Multi-Action to SWITCH when you select SWITCH instead of Multi-Action.
  • Added Conversion SWITCH to Multi-Action when you select Multi-Action instead of SWITCH and all actions in SWITCH without conditions.
  • Scenarist project version settings are combined into one drop-down list.
  • Add any action to SWITCH while converting it to SWITCH.
  • MVC second eye drag and drop is fixed.
  • Subtitles export fixed.
  • Added increase/decrease while pressing up/down and validation for Application and Organization IDs.
  • Middle button click on a chapter in the chapter list in the Scenes window changes chapter action.
  • Middle button click in SWITCH/MA edits action.
  • Fixed export to Scenarist of SDR subtitles.
  • Reduced contrast of dialog windows in the Dark theme.
  • Added ability to duplicate JAR in JAR settings
  • Script editor settings moved to Tools → Options → Tools → "Script editor".
  • Added Tools → Options → Tools → "Script editor" → "Close Search window after finding".
  • Search window in Script editor picks up a word under the cursor.
  • Ctrl+Click in Script editor navigates to a function or constant in a separate read-only window.
  • Fixed image rendering from the text edit window.
  • Fixed the dependent video path in the project backup.
  • Fixed button icons for DPI not a multiple of 100.
  • Fixed subtitle preview for DPI not a multiple of 100.
  • Fixed zoom in/out in subtitles preview.
  • Fixed drop-down lists with system fonts.
  • Fixed disc/title bound/unbound for the first JAR.