What's New

April 5, 2021 version 4.2.4 released:

  • Optimized project loading (30% faster).
  • Added automatic restart of compilation if we need to set the initial value of the effect when applying the "Set property".
  • Window for editing the state of a text object: added a button for rendering text to an image.
  • Window for editing the state of a text object: added a flag "Global text". Makes the text the same within the project. Thus, you only need to change one text during the disc playback.
  • Added warning about PlayStation 3 memory limitation.
  • Mux by tsMuxer added to the main progress bar.
  • Dynamic load: fixed QueueTimer and animation initialization.
  • Project properties → Advanced → added "Optimize commands".
  • Project properties → Advanced → added "Pack internal names".
  • Rename added to batch operations.
  • Removed progress bar settings: the last position is now remembered.
  • Scenes menu carousel generator: removed unused actions/animations.
  • Project properties → Menu → Animation: you can now disable "Reset clipping".
  • Added import of animated buttons from Scenarist PS Designer PSD file.
  • Added "I:" prefix for menus in the PSD import - skips the specified menu.
  • Added "STOP:" prefix for menus in the PSD import of the extended BDS format - stops import.
  • Fixed adding/editing scenes for video with the "Separated fields" scan type when using tsMuxer.
  • SWITCH: custom condition function isPlayed replaced with isPlaying (isPlayed still works).
  • SWITCH: added custom condition functions currentAudio, currentSubtitle, currentSubTrack, currentSubOn.
  • Remove unused animation in scenes menu generator.
  • Added Project properties → Advanced → Optimize objects - replaces identical objects with the same coordinates with one object. Disable this optimization if you change the order of objects between menus.
  • Disable of Project properties → Advanced → "Optimize objects" extended to animated objects.
  • Updated internal components.
  • Added the ability to move the viewport (designer "window").
  • DTS 2.0 warning level changed from "Error" to "Notice" for internal muxer.
  • Bugfixes and optimization
  • Help updated

November 25, 2020 version 4.2.3 released:

  • Added the ability to specify menu/movie color in the Project tree
  • Added a search field in the Project properties (upper right corner)
  • Project properties → Menu → "Play Movie / Jump Menu commands": added "Switch immediately" - to switch audio track immediately
  • Project properties → Streams: added "Do not switch audio if already selected"
  • Project properties → Streams → Subtitles: added "Correct timing for 23,976 by default"
  • Added Options → Interface → "Show z-order change buttons": "Toolbar only" / "Object list only" / "Both"
  • Added Options → Muxers → tsMuxer → "Use fast mode to generate the index (if possible)" (enabled by default). Generates index file for tsMuxer over 5x faster for most files.
  • Zoom in the designer now zooms to the mouse pointer position
  • Ctrl + mouse wheel scrolls designer up/down, Shift + mouse wheel scrolls designer left/right
  • Subtitles generation engine SRT → PNG have been re-written
  • Auto-assign play movie commands in the matrix: added setting to add close popup with/without animation
  • Added the ability to reset window positions: menu View → Reset windows
  • Added the ability to disable automatic restoration of default actions for interactive mode
  • Project type verification added
  • Autoclose time/action replaced with Inactivity and added to the main menu
  • "Action every second" added to the main menu
  • The part of the Java engine responsible for disc events has been completely rewritten
  • Seamless menu connection fixed
  • Bugfixes and optimization
  • Help updated

July 9, 2020 version 4.2.2 released:

  • Ability to create a carousel menu from any menu.
  • Ability to scale text and rectangles.
  • Ability to scale chapters in the scene menu generator.
  • Ability to set the path for chapter images.
  • Ability to set a name for the scene menu.
  • "Do not scan" for the chapter image creation.
  • WavMixer added.
  • isMenuOnScreen for custom switch.
  • Bugfixes and optimization.

Additionally uploaded a new guide How to create a professional looking Blu-ray.

May 5, 2020 version 4.2.1 released:

  • Added visual resizing for objects.
  • Added UOP and Seamless settings for playitem in the playlist.
  • "On select" settings added to the Action matrix.
  • Added "Neon" skin.
  • Fixed scene generation.
  • Fixed Box cloning.
  • Other minor fixes and improvements.

Additionally uploaded Scenes Menu Generator example — 3 menus showing how the Scenes menu generator works.

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April 8, 2020 version 4.2 released:

  • Fully 64-bit version.
  • Extended structure window.
  • Extended compilation log.
  • Added validation for file name control characters.
  • Optimized compilation of SWITCH with code conditions.
  • Added import of DoStudio projects.
  • Added support for Layer Set in PSD import.
  • Added color check for BDN+PNG.
  • Added the ability to set GPR in the root of the action list.
  • "Current movie" changed to the "Current movie/menu" in SWITCH.
  • Updated script window: context menu, code formatter, line numbers.
  • Added functions removeAllBookmarks, getDuration, getDurationInSeconds.
  • Added variable duration and %duration% for the "Set object property" window.
  • Added validation for signature settings.
  • "New object" button extended.
  • Copy objects fixed and optimized.
  • Fixed some issues with DPI over 100%.
  • Other optimizations and bugfixes.

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