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April 26, 2019 - Blu-Disc Studio UHD released!

Good news from DVDLogic for the entire UHD authoring market - UHD goes to everyone!

Now we simplify UHD authoring and provide it to small studios and home users.

In accordance with numerous customer requests, we have released consumer-level software, and not even one application, but two at the same time: EasyBD UHD and Blu-Disc Studio UHD.

Now you can create UHD disks easier than ever!

Both applications are well known on the market, and now they provide the latest UHD Mux functionality. These applications allow you to create menus, 4K and HDR videos. Common BD formats such as AVC, M2V and VC1 are also supported.

As always, we provide a flexible payment system, online support and quick responds.

Upgrade pricing for owners of previous versions of EasyBD or Blu-Disc Studio MX Pro is 999 euros.

March 31, 2019 version 4.1 released:

  • Added clipping animation.
  • Batch operations were added to the Project tree: replace text or image, move states, add/remove animation group, paste action/animation from clipboard, remove object.
  • Added an ability to auto-generate a scene selection menu using text and rectangles.
  • Extended the ability to generate scene images.
  • Added an ability to render rectangles in images.
  • Added an ability to set the frame rate of the animation engine.
  • Now, if you do not specify the video for the menu, the application will create an infinite slideshow.
  • Multi-line text is now supported.
  • Added "Don't hide previous images" and coordinates of each image to the "Project properties" → "Loading".
  • Optimization and bug fixes.
  • Help updated.

October 26, 2018 version 4.0 released:

  • Added an ability to set region restrictions.
  • Added types for rectangles (box/frame/box+frame) and transparency.
  • Added "Render to image" and "Outline" to the text object.
  • Transparency of objects is now visible in the designer.
  • Now you can see the type of object in the "Objects" list (Tools → Options → Interface → Extended icons for object list).
  • Simulation supports "Action every second" and "Auto close action".
  • Action and animation "On select" are added to button actions.
  • Fixed issue with JAR unloading on some Sony players.
  • Added new PSD format (example).
  • Wizard: added BD Audio and Pure Audio┬« presets.
  • Wizard: added the ability to generate menus - create menus without graphics.
  • Wizard: added the ability to save and load the wizard settings.
  • Wizard: added the ability to automatically create menus from PSD with animations and actions.
  • Fixed issue with color buttons for non-European players.
  • Added inmux PIP.
  • Added "Numeric select scenes" for the movie/playlist.
  • Fixed issue with META.
  • Added the ability to link static objects to the button state (use more than one image for the button state).
  • Added import from the extended PSD format with the ability to specify actions.
  • Added a key store validation during the compilation process to avoid signing problems.
  • Added ability to specify JAR index.
  • Added the ability to copy actions, animations and button highlighting via the Windows clipboard.
  • Added action "Call Action Every Second".
  • Added "Start Action" for a movie/playlist.
  • Added new Video Guides.

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