What's New

March 31, 2019 version 4.1 released:

  • Added clipping animation.
  • Batch operations were added to the Project tree: replace text or image, move states, add/remove animation group, paste action/animation from clipboard, remove object.
  • Added an ability to auto-generate a scene selection menu using text and rectangles.
  • Extended the ability to generate scene images.
  • Added an ability to render rectangles in images.
  • Added an ability to set the frame rate of the animation engine.
  • Now, if you do not specify the video for the menu, the application will create an infinite slideshow.
  • Multi-line text is now supported.
  • Added "Don't hide previous images" and coordinates of each image to the "Project properties" → "Loading".
  • Optimization and bug fixes.
  • Help updated.

October 26, 2018 version 4.0 released:

  • Added an ability to set region restrictions.
  • Added types for rectangles (box/frame/box+frame) and transparency.
  • Added "Render to image" and "Outline" to the text object.
  • Transparency of objects is now visible in the designer.
  • Now you can see the type of object in the "Objects" list (Tools → Options → Interface → Extended icons for object list).
  • Simulation supports "Action every second" and "Auto close action".
  • Action and animation "On select" are added to button actions.
  • Fixed issue with JAR unloading on some Sony players.
  • Added new PSD format (example).
  • Wizard: added BD Audio and Pure Audio┬« presets.
  • Wizard: added the ability to generate menus - create menus without graphics.
  • Wizard: added the ability to save and load the wizard settings.
  • Wizard: added the ability to automatically create menus from PSD with animations and actions.
  • Fixed issue with color buttons for non-European players.
  • Added inmux PIP.
  • Added "Numeric select scenes" for the movie/playlist.
  • Fixed issue with META.
  • Added the ability to link static objects to the button state (use more than one image for the button state).
  • Added import from the extended PSD format with the ability to specify actions.
  • Added a key store validation during the compilation process to avoid signing problems.
  • Added ability to specify JAR index.
  • Added the ability to copy actions, animations and button highlighting via the Windows clipboard.
  • Added action "Call Action Every Second".
  • Added "Start Action" for a movie/playlist.
  • Added new Video Guides.

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